Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre
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Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre

Since 1999, RFOC has nurtured and protected the biodiversity of these woodlands ~ creating a secure home for the Centre residents alongside the native woodland birds, animals and plants.

Wood is our preferred building material which yes, has only a limited life-span. It does however negate the damage that man-made materials leave on the landscape.

Conservation initiatives have encompassed a range of differing options and a strong Educative component has developed along surprising lines in this quiet corner of Rutland.

Always, the continued care and wellbeing of the Birds of Prey and Animals at RFOC remains paramount.

Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre are privileged to be custodians of precious Ancient Woodland bordered by the majestic Black Poplar at Burley Bushes ~ extending over 42 acres close to Rutland Water.

The Centre is home to a superb international collection of Birds of Prey ~ Owls, Hawks, Buzzards, Falcons, Eagles and Vultures who live next to a fascinating array of flora and fauna.

Some of the Birds of Prey are happy to be held, some will fly for you while others prefer to be admired from a safe distance.

Paths meander through the Woodlands ~ soft underfoot they blend seamlessly and sensitively with the surrounding vegetation. Acting as a natural guide, the paths provide access for you to explore this exceptionally beautiful, constantly changing environment.

At times, Songbirds nest precariously close to people ~ protected as they are by the resident Birds of Prey from their natural predators.

Maturing ponds, a purpose-built wild bird feeding station together with a variety of different nesting boxes throughout the woodland at Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre are in evidence.

Wooden structures provide safe shelter for RFOC residents leaving minimal footprints when they have fulfilled their purpose. The land soon reclaimed by natural ground cover, flora and fungi.

Dead and decaying wood enables the development of another diverse range of habitats which are in themselves, an age-dependent process.

Step quietly, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of woodland residents such as fallow deer, muntjac, foxes, badgers and other mammals as you explore tracks and trails running through a variety of differing habitats.

Alternatively, sit quietly and listen to the sounds of the woodland come alive around you.

The Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre has something for everyone

Why not 'HOLD A BIRD of PREY' during your visit ~ no booking required ~ ask a member of Staff which Bird is available and happy to be held...

For only 2.00. ~ it will be an experience you remember + it does offer a fantastic 'photo opportunity !

Monies raised go towards the upkeep of the woodland residents.

  • Summer from 10am until 4pm ( last admission ). Gates close at 5.00pm.
  • Summer Season, Group evenings (after 5.00pm ~ Gates close at 8.00pm) limited in availability / duration with restricted numbers ~ prior booking only.
  • * * Winter Opening from 10.00am until 3.00pm, ~ daylight hours allowing * *


  • ADULTS 7.00
  • SN CITIZENS 5.00
  • UNDER 16s 4.00
  • UNDER 5s F.O.C
  • ARMED FORCES DISCOUNT available with ID ~ Please enquire on entry.



For your own comfort, please bring appropriate clothing / footwear.

There is wheel-chair access to the Reception area and the surrounding aviary's while the woodland trails may prove more challenging due to the natural environment.

Please be aware that Pre-Booking is required for our Courses to avoid disappointment.
Deposits on ALL Bookings are non-refundable.


Please note :

Following last nights storm damage, RFOC will remain closed until Sunday, 21st January for emergency repairs and Public safety.

Thank you for your consideration ~

As always, in times of unsettled weather conditions, please phone Chris direct prior to visiting to ensure that RFOC is open to the public. It avoids disappointment.

* * * * *

As you are aware, RFOC and RWS are non-profit making organisations.
Due to an increase in the cost of the Centres food bills we have reluctantly made a nominal upward adjustment to the Admission charges with a view to off-setting a portion of the increase.

* * * * *

Why not Book to FLY a BARN OWL in the NEW YEAR ??

For only 45.00. PADDY ~ a delightful four year old British Barn Owl, continues to be one of RFOC's favourite Birds of Prey who will fly to the glove.
Please Talk to Jeannie for details .

* * * * *

For ONE day only ~ St. VALENTINE's DAY SPECIAL ~
Wednesday, 14th February.

Two hours Walking through the Woods with either an Owl or a Hawk on your Fist for only 25.00.
This is followed by a Bird of Prey who will fly to you. Fabulous !

Pre-Booking Essential as numbers are restricted.

* * * * *


Monday, 2nd April.
Monday, 7th May.
Sunday, 8th July.
Monday, 27th August.
Sunday, 28th October.
Wednesday, 26th December.

Admission : 20.00. per head.
Over 12's only.

Open : 11.00 am - 4.00 pm.

Numbers are limited, please Pre-book to ensure your place is secure.
Admission to the BIG CAT OPEN DAY includes the opportunity to view the Birds of Prey at RFOC.

* * * * *


Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre ~
For General Enquiries and Bookings please contact Jeannie on : 07549 998 373

Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary / Big Cats ~
For General Enquiries and Bookings please contact Chris on : 07778 152 814

Thank you.


Ancient Woodlands have not been artificially planted, they have developed naturally and continuously for 300 - 400 years or more.
The diverse eco-systems from these woods form an integral part of Englands Heritage which are protected and regulated by law from the impact serious disturbance would leave on irreplaceable habitat.

If you have an appreciation of nature at its best and you are open to experiencing the floor to canopy wonders that may be found for yourself ~ please join us.

RFOC offers the opportunity ~ we would argue ~ to take an unrivalled + enduring photographic record of your visit.