Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre

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Children at Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre
Children at Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre
A valuable source of education

Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre offers a rare opportunity for possibilities in education the centre, as discussed in previous pages attracts many different species of wildlife and also plays host to a wide variety of plant life and fungi.

With the various conservation activities that take place and the definite scope for further surveys and projects the centre can deliver dual education potential.

There are displays throughout the centre with information on the resident birds of prey and visitors can view information on projects for conservation also but it would be quite possible to run more in depth short courses or events linked to the conservation aspects of both our native species and other projects related to the birds of prey at the centre.

Moth trapping and entomology nights could be held at the centre.

Bat walks could be a further possibility, the addition of cameras within some of the nesting boxes and short courses on woodland crafts coupled with the Chris Lawtons existing, extensive knowledge of falconry could all add to the educational value of Centre.

Nestbox building days, chainsaw sculpture, woodturning and entomological displays are already scheduled on days which will allow the public access to a wider range of information on the subject of our environment.