Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre

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The centre has habitat for all kinds of wildlife.
The centre has habitat for all kinds of wildlife.
Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre Conservation efforts

With its large collection of native and international Birds of Prey, Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre offers many opportunities to explore areas of interest that are suitable for all age groups.

All enclosures and trails have been constructed sympathetically to compliment the environment.

The plantation comprises of a combination of Ancient Woodland and areas of relatively young stands of Poplar and Scots Pine trees the latter harbouring relatively few natural nesting sites for hole-nesting birds due to their immaturity.

A non-profit making organisation called Wildhomes has been working with the centre to supply these nesting sites in the form of nestboxes & with marked success and scope for further placements.

The results of the nest boxes which have been monitored within the centre have been included in the national Nest Record Scheme run by the British Trust for Ornithology.

Recent surveys carried out have extended to the entomological diversity of the centre through moth trapping and recording activity & some of the many species present can be seen later in this report.

A list of contact details for the organisations connected to the projects mentioned can be found in a section towards the end that gives further information on the activities and aims of these organisations.